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    Workflow Status Column Still Shows After Workflow Deleted

    After removing the workflow from the SharePoint list, the Workflow Status column still exists on the list.

    1. Verify that workflow does not appear within Workflow Settings
      1. If workflow does appear within Workflow Settings:
      2. Select 'Remove, Block, or Restore a Workflow'
      3. Change the radial button next to the associated workflow to 'Remove'
      4. Select 'OK' at the bottom of the screen
    2. To bring the SharePoint environment back in sync with the database use the NWAdmin command: SyncTerminatedWorkflows
      1. Open SharePoint Management Shell on one of the Web Front End servers:
      2. Run: NWAdmin.exe -o SynTerminatedWorkflow -url teamsiteurl -verbose -terminateDeletedItems
        1. For more information on this command, please see our NWAdmin documentation here.
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