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    Create Workflow With Nintex Workflow Unavailable in SharePoint List

    Status: Validated

    After successfully installing Nintex Workflow, the 'Create Workflow with Nintex Workflow' option is unavailable under Workflow Settings in the SharePoint list.
    Activate Nintex Workflow features on the affected Site or Site Collection.
    1. From the SharePoint list go to Site Settings.
    2. Navigate to under 'Site Collection Administration' in the top-level site. Note:  To access the top-level site, select 'Go to top level site settings'.
    3. Verify that all of the Nintex Workflow Site Collection features have been enabled.
    4. Return to the site where Nintex should be used, and return to Site Settings.
    5. Under 'Site Actions', select 'Manage Site Features'.
    6. Verify that all Nintex Workflow Site features are enabled.
    Nintex Workflow features have not been activated on either the Site Collection or that Site in question.
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