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    Nintex Workflow Scheduler Does Not Run Within SharePoint 2016

    Status: Validated

    After upgrading or installing the Nintex Workflow Scheduler within SharePoint 2016, the Scheduler timer job never runs (even when triggered manually).
    Errors found within the ULS logs: Job definition Nintex.Workflow.Scheduling.WorkflowSchedulerJob, id 419c55b3-9f2d-4c44-b6bb-c1e975987e08 not applicable, ignoring SharePoint cannot deserialize an object of type Nintex.Workflow.Scheduling.WorkflowSchedulerJob, Nintex.Workflow, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=913f6bae0ca5ae12 on this machine. This typically occurs because the assembly containing this type is not installed on this machine. In this case, this message can be safely ignored. Otherwise, the assembly needs to be installed on this machine in a location that can be discovered by the .NET Framework.
    Run the following script to enable the AllowServiceJobs property on the servers within the farm:
    $farm = Get-SPFarm
    $FarmTimers = $farm.TimerService.Instances
    foreach ($ft in $FarmTimers)
          if ($ft.AllowServiceJobs -eq $false)
                 write-host “Service jobs are NOT enabled on ” $ft.Server.Name.ToString();
                 write-host “Enabling service jobs”;
                 $ft.AllowServiceJobs = $true;
                 write-host “Service jobs are enabled on ” $ft.Server.Name.ToString()
    If the issue remains unresolved, :
    1. Ensure only one Nintex Scheduler job exists in the farm
    2. Ensure that Workflow Scheduler job is associated with a content web application