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    Scheduler Job Does Not Run After Upgrading Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2016

    Status: Validated

    After upgrading or installing Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2016, the Nintex Workflow Scheduler timer job never runs.
    In ULS logs: Job definition Nintex.Workflow.Scheduling.WorkflowSchedulerJob, id a07cc630-d389-48f5-9eea-478870a44cda not applicable, ignoring
    1. Run the following command to enable the AllowServiceJobs property on the timer instance for the APP, WFE and Search Server:
      (Get-SPFarm).TimerService.Instances | ?{$_.Server.Name -eq $env:COMPUTERNAME} | %{[Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPTimerServiceInstance].GetMember("set_AllowServiceJobs", [Enum]::GetValues([System.Reflection.BindingFlags])).Invoke($_,$true) }
    2. Run the following command to update the timer service instances:
      Get-SPServiceInstance -All | ?{$_.TypeName -match "Foundation Timer"} | %{$_.Update()}
    3. Restart the timer service instances using the following command:
      Get-SPServiceInstance -All | ?{$_.TypeName -match "Foundation Timer"} | %{$_.Server.Name;$_.Stop();sleep 5;$_.Start();sleep 5;"Done"}
    If the issue remains unresolved, :
    1. Ensure only ONE Nintex Scheduler Job exists in the farm & it is associated to the Central Administration web app.
    2. Run the timer Job in Central Administration and via PowerShell.
    3. Provide the ULS logs after performing the above recommended actions.