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    Cannot Open "Database Setup" In Central Administration After Configuration Database Migration

    When accessing Setup Database in Central Administration, after a migration has been performed, the following message and a correlation ID might appear: "Object reference is not set to an instance of an object."


    First verify that the connection string shows the correct server and database name:

    #Using SharePoint 2013 Management Shell

    $farm = Get-SPFarm;
    • If the server and database names are correct skip the next step.

    If the string is incorrect run the following:

    $farm = Get-SPFarm;
    $["NW2007ConfigurationDataBase"] = ??;

    Try the Database Setup page again.

    If the error still appears:

    1. Open SQL Manager and navigate to the Nintex Configuration database
    2. Go to: Tables > dbo.Databases > Right click "Select Top 1000 Rows"

    If the server name is incorrect:

    1. Run the stored procedure (Programmability > Stored Procedures) "dbo._PrepareForNewEnvironment" this will update the server name and other items to the new environment.
    2. Confirm the Name and ServerName values are correct and then retry the Database Setup page.
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