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    Checking Workflow Execution Status

    Status: Validated

    How to check for the overall workflow execution status in a SharePoint farm.
    Access Nintex Administrative Reports (Nintex Workflow Enterprise only):
    1. Log in to the SharePoint Central Administration site.
    2. Click “Nintex Workflow Management”.
    3. Click the “Administration Reports” link.
    4. From this page, select the desired report.
    Farm performance can be affected by a number of factors. The Nintex Administrative Reports page can be used to check metrics such as:
    • How many workflows are currently in progress
    • The Workflow performance
    • Overdue Workflows
    • Erroded Workflows
    • Completed Workflows
    • The Approver Performance
    • Several time-framed metrics revolving the workflow usage
    This information can be filtered by all workflows by the initiator, start time, last action date, idle time and total duration.
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