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    Deleting Orphaned Workflow Tasks

    How to manually remove orphaned workflow tasks.

    1. Open SQL Management Studio.
    2. Go to your Nintex Content Database e.g. NW2013DB > Tables > dbo.WorkflowInstance.
    3. Identify the problem workflow instance using the WorkflowName StartTime columns.
    4. When you have identified the workflow instance take note of the InstanceID in the InstanceID column.
    5. Go to the dbo.WorkflowProgress table: NW2013DB > Tables > dbo.WorkflowProgress
    6. Find the InstanceID from the InstanceID column and take note of the WorkflowProgressID.
    7. Go to the dbo.HumanWorkflow table: NW2013DB > Tables > dbo.HumanWorkflow
    8. Find the workflow with the matching WorkflowProgressID from the WorkflowProgressID column.
    9. Delete this row to remove the task.

    Please note this is strictly an option of last resort. We strongly recommend pursuing all other avenues before removing the above.

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