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    Error "Cannot find the object DeleteWorkflows" Upgrading or Altering Mappings

    Status: Validated

    When trying to upgrade or alter the mappings for the Nintex Content Database, the following error might occur:   

    Cannot find the object 'DeleteWorkflows', because it does not exist or you do not have permission.
    Check the Nintex Content database for duplicates of the dbo.DeleteWorkflows Stored Procedure.
    1. Open the Nintex DB in SQL Manager, and navigate to: Programmability > Stored Procedures > dbo.DeleteWorkflows
    2. If there are duplicate entries, right click on each “dbo.DeleteWorkflows” and open the “Permissions” page.
    3. Verify that Execute permission has been granted.
    4. Once the schema has been corrected, or the duplicate stored procedure has been deleted, retry the DB upgrade/mapping.
    Note: The duplicate entry may be located at the bottom of the list of stored procedures.
    This is caused either by duplicates of the dbo.DeleteWorkflows stored procedure, or incorrect permissions on the same.