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    Error "Failed to start workflow. This server is not licensed."

    Status: Validated

    When running a workflow, it automatically fails and the following error appears in the workflow history:
    Failed to start workflow. This server is not licensed
    Failed to start workflow. This server is not licensed
    • Review your Nintex Workflow License and SharePoint farm topology to ensure that your licenses include all servers that are running the 'Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application' service. For more information, see Workflows and the SharePoint services required to run them
    • If farm topology matches the licensed servers, locate one Web Front End server which has Web Application service running, run the following PowerShell command to copy workflow-related configuration from the web.config to the configuration database so it will be available from every server in the Farm.
    $webapp = Get-SPWebApplication -identity http://<web app name>




    The “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application” service provides web server functionality. Starting or stopping this service will deploy/remove files from the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ directory. Perform this action at your own discretion.