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    Error "License is not valid for version x.x.x.x of Nintex Workflow"

    When installing Nintex Workflow 2010 or 2013, the following error might occur, even though you already have a valid license and are simply doing an update on current version of your workflow: "Your license is not valid for version X.X.X.X of Nintex Workflow 201X. Please contact to obtain a new license"


    You can by-pass the license check in the installation process by following the steps below, however you will still need valid license to actually run the workflow designer after installation. 

    1. Run the Nintex Workflow installer, and when you get to "Do you want to add the solution to SharePoint now?" select "No, I wish to export the solution and deploy it manually later."
    2. Save the exported files in a folder of your choice and then open that folder and navigate to the "Workflow" folder. 
    3. Here you will see "CheckLicense.ps1", right click on it, select Properties, and un-check "Read Only". 
    4. Now open this file using PowerShell ISE and change "$isValidForUpgrade=$false" to "$isValidForUpgrade=$true" then save the file.
    5. Finally, re-run the Nintex Workflow upgrade by running the "install.ps1" file using PowerShell with administrative privileges.