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    Error "LiveTokenProvider requires Live to be installed and activated"

    When reviewing ULS logs, the following error might be logged: ​Nintex.Workflow.Start.Service.e (0x0710) 0x0F50 Nintex Workflow Start Service Unexpected 00000 Unexpected There was an error getting the Farm connection string:System.InvalidOperationException: LiveTokenProvider requires Live to be installed and activated at Nintex.Workflow.ExternalStart.ExternalStartExtensions.GetLiveTokenGenerator() at Nintex.Workflow.Start.ApiClient.GetLiveToken() at Nintex.Workflow.Start.ApiClient.GetClient() at Nintex.Workflow.Start.ApiClient.Execute[T](IRestRequest request) at Nintex.Workflow.Start.Service.ServiceProcess.GetConnectionString() (Facility Override: #01)

    • Verify that the Nintex Live/External Relay has been started.
    • If Nintex Live/External is not being used, disable the Nintex Workflow Start service.
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