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    Error "The RPC server is unavailable" During Installation

    Status: Validated

    When installing Nintex Workflow for SharePoint, the following error occurs:

    The RPC server is unavailable
    Manually install or upgrade the Nintex LiveWorkflow Queue Service and Nintex Workflow Start Service on each server in the farm.
    1. In SharePoint Management Shell, run the following script for the Nintex Live Workflow Queue Service:
      $path =
      [Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SPUtility]::GetVersionedGenericSetupPath("bin\NintexWorkflow\Nintex.Workflow.Live.QueueService.exe", 15)
      $serviceName = "Nintex Live Workflow Queue Service"
      New-Service -Name $serviceName -DisplayName $serviceName -BinaryPathName $path
    2. ​In SharePoint Management Shell, run the following script for the Nintex Workflow Start Service:
      $path =
      [Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SPUtility]::GetVersionedGenericSetupPath("bin\NintexWorkflowStart\Nintex.Workflow.Start.Service.exe", 15)
      $serviceName = "Nintex Workflow Start Service"
      New-Service -Name $serviceName -DisplayName $serviceName -BinaryPathName $path
    3. Run the IISReset command and restart the SharePoint Timer Service.
    To start the service on the current server, do the following:
    1. On the Central Administration Home page, click Application Management.
    2. In the Service Applications section, click Manage services on server.
    3. On the Services on Server page, select the desired server.
    4. Click Start for Nintex Live Workflow Queue Service.
    5. Click Start for Nintex Workflow Start Service.