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    Error "The URL is not valid" after generating InfoPath form

    Status: Validated

    After generating an InfoPath form in the Workflow Designer, generally through a task action, the following error might occur:

    The URL is not valid.
    Creating a site collection at the root URL of SharePoint will allow the InfoPath form to publish from the Worklfow Designer.
    This error is caused by not having a site collection at the root URL of SharePoint.

    Note that this is primarily an InfoPath issue, not an issue with the Nintex Workflow Designer. It can be replicated by doing the following:
    1. Open InfoPath Designer.
    2. Create a new form and choose the "SharePoint Form Library" template.
    3. Save the form.
    4. Choose to publish the form to a SharePoint Server.
    5. When you enter the URL to the site, it will show an error.