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    Error "Your License is not valid for Version 4.X.X.X SharePoint 2016" Installing Update

    Status: Validated

    When installing updates for Nintex 4.X.X.X, or applying a new Nintex license the following error occurs:
    Your license is not valid for 4.X.X.X version of Nintex Workflow/Forms
    Your license is not valid for 4.X.X.X version of Nintex Workflow/Forms

    Bypass the license check process during the update installation process using the following steps: 

    1. Run the Nintex Workflow installer.
    2. At the "Do you want to add the solution to SharePoint now?" select "No, I wish to export the solution and deploy it manually later."
    3. Save the exported files, go to the downloaded folder where you see the InstallHelper.ps1 file. 
    4. Right-click on InstallHelper.ps1, select Properties and deselect "Read Only". 
    5. Right- click and Edit the file using PowerShell ISE or notepad.
    6. Do a Ctrl+F and search for "$isValidForUpgrade"
    7. Change the value from $false to $true for each $isValidForUpgrade that equals $false, then save the file.
    8. Right-click the InstallHelper.ps1 script and Run as Administrator. This will start the install using PowerShell.