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    How to remove entries for errored workflows from the Nintex Support Console

    Status: Validated

    How do you remove entries for errored workflows from the Nintex Support Console?
    Case 1:

    Workflows are in an error status inside Sharepoint.  This can be verified by clicking the workflow name to check if the instance is in a error state for each entry.  If this is the case terminating the workflow will remove it from the console.

    Case 2:

    Workflows have out of sync status between the Sharepoint database and Nintex database.  Chek the status of the instance as above.  If the workflow is cancelled and still appearing in the support console run the following command:

    NWAdmin.exe -o SyncTerminatedWorkflows -url teamsiteurl
    This data is read out of the dbo.WorkflowInstance table of the Nintex content database and whether it is displayed is determined by the status of the workflow instance in this table.  Normally a workflow instance in this table will reflect the status of the workflow in Sharepoint (Case 1).  Terminating the Workflow in this case will update the Nintex database to the correct status.  In case two the workflows are out of sync with Sharepoint and not updating properly.  The sync terminated workflows command will check the Nintex database and update it to reflect the status of the workflow in Sharepoint.
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