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    Impact On Workflow When User Deleted

    Status: Pending Clean Up

    What is the impact on a Nintex workflow when a user's Active Directory account is deleted?

    This will all depends on the role of the user in the workflow; because of this we've included a couple examples of what can happen if a user have been deleted.


    • The workflow attempts to send an email to the deleted user i.e. Assign Flexi Task or Request Approval, the workflow will fail to resolve the user to an email address and the workflow will error (stop) saying user not found.
    • An unanswered workflow task that had previously been assigned to a now deleted user will sit and wait for a response that will never come.


    To address these issues, you can:


    • Manually delegate the task to another user (this will depend on how the assigning action was configured, as to whether this is possible. This would also involve manually visiting each task to manually delegate it to another user).


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