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    Locating Workflows Using a Specific Action

    Status: Validated

    How to find workflows that use a specific action.
    1. Run the following SQL query on the Nintex Configuration database:
      SELECT ActivityName
      FROM Activities
    2. Locate the desired activity name.
    3. Run the following SQL query on the Nintex Content database, replacing "Name of Action" with the activity name from the steps above:
      select tp_Title as'List Name',
      CurrentActivityTitle as 'Name of Action',
      WorkflowName as 'Workflow Name',
      WorkflowInitiator as 'Workflow Initiator'
      from WorkflowProgress WP
      inner join WorkflowInstance WI on WP. InstanceID = WI. InstanceID
      inner join . dbo.AllLists al on Wi .ListID = al .tp_ID
      where CurrentActivityTitle=''
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