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    Preventing Performance Degradation in Workflows

    Status: Validated

    How to use Microsoft best practices for content to prevent performance degradation in workflows.
    To check for any list/library assumed settings/numbers for List View related Thresholds:
    1. Log on to the SharePoint Administration Portal.
    2. Click “Application Management”.
    3. Under “Web Applications” click the “Manage Web Applications”.
    4. Select/Click the desired Web Application and click the “Resource Throttling” in the context menu of the “General Settings” button in the ribbon.
    5. Check if the configured settings are within Microsoft’s recommended values.
    6. If not, investigate the reason for the changes and if it was tested and validated prior the change.
    To check for any list/library assumed settings/numbers:
    1. Log on to the SharePoint Portal;
    2. Click “Site Contents” and check the item count for the intended lists/libraries;
    3. Confirm if the existing values are within Microsoft’s recommendations or execute Microsoft’s recommendations to deal with large lists (Manage large lists and libraries in SharePoint
    For more information, see Software boundaries and limits for SharePoint.

    Note: The capacity planning information in this document provides guidelines for proper planning. It is based on testing performed at Microsoft, on live properties. However, the results are likely to vary based on the equipment used and the features
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