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    Receiving a 407 error when calling a web service

    Status: Pending Clean Up

    Receiving a 407 error when calling a web service
    This error occurs if the proxy server requires authentication from a domain user account. This error typically occurs if the MapPoint .NET client is an ASP.NET application. ASP.NET applications typically run on the security context of a local user account that does not have permissions on the network and proxy server.

    In order to resolve this, take a backup of the existing Web.Config and then edit the existing web.config file for the web application that the workflow resides in, and search for the defaultProxy element. It will look like below

    Change it to:

    You will need to add the proxyaddress and port of your proxy server, and this will need to be done all of your servers that process Nintex Workflows.

    Once you have made these changes, then save the web.config file and perform an IISreset.
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