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    SharePoint Online Updating Multi-Value Lookup From Workflow

    Status: Validated

    How to update a multi-value Lookup column through a Nintex for Office 365 workflow.
    The Update Item action does not support updating multi-value lookup columns in SharePoint Online; the Office 365 Update Items action must be used instead:
    1. Use a Query List action to build a collection of the IDs that will be used to update the Lookup column
      • This will provide a collection output similar to
    2. Use two Replace Substring In String actions to remove the '' characters
    3. Use a Replace Substring In String action to update comma character (,) to a semi-colon (;) between each of the ID values
      • This will result in a string that looks like: 1;3;4;5;7
    4. Use this newly built variable within the Office 365 Update Items action to post the desired values into the multi-value Lookup column 
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