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    Unable To Retrieve A Correct Response From A Web Service Method

    Status: Validated

    When calling a Web Service from within Nintex Workflow, the correct response is not retrieved from a selected method.
    Test the Web Service call outside of Nintex thoroughly using the below:
    1. Download the Web Service studio tool from:
    2. Run the WS studio tool on a client machine. In the WSDL EndPoint section, enter the full url of http://yourserver/site/subsite/_vti_bin/WEBSERVICE
    3. Select the method in the left tree view.
    4. Fill in the required parameters and click Invoke. (This first call may fail so do it a second time if required).
      NOTE: You may need to tick on preauthenticate to TRUE.
    5. The output window will show information if it suceeded. If it did not, go to the Request/Response tab and view the Response text. The response text will show if the call worked or whether it failed and what the reason is.
    The above process can also be repeated on each Web Front End server in the Farm if there is no issue from the client machine.


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